Why does my drain smell

Why Does My Drain Smell

Why Does My Drain Smell

Why does my drain smellUnpleasant odors are never welcome. But it’s even worse when they come from a hidden place. Cleaning a stinky drain isn’t as easy as taking out the garbage or throwing out last-week leftovers, but it’s not too difficult.  A common question we get is “Why does my drain smell? “

Depending on which drain is stinking up your house, the solution may be different. However, kitchen sinks tend to stink the most because of build-ups of food waste and bacteria. Some other possible causes are:

  • Clogged or missing vent pipes
  • Sewer gases
  • Plumbing errors
  • Sump pumps
  • Grease fat
  • Garbage disposals

When you first notice smelly drains, you should check to make sure the smell isn’t coming from the water itself. If your water has sulphates in it, there may be a rotten egg smell. In the occurrence that this is the case, call our plumbers at High Mark Plumbing to do a water quality check.

At the times where the kitchen sink is smelling, try soaking it in dish soap and water. To do this, plug your drain and fill it up halfway and add a tablespoon of soap. This will ensure that your actual sink basin is clean and not causing odors.


If you need to investigate the issue further, there are some other things you can do.

  • Remove obstructions from the garburator.  If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, make sure there isn’t any food or items causing a blockage and leaving food to build up.
  • Pour boiling water and vinegar down the drain. To do this, pour half a pot of nearly boiling water or white vinegar down the drain slowly. Wait a few minutes before pouring cold water down the drain to rinse, then the remaining hot water or vinegar.

  • Clean the P-trap. Drains have a curved section of pipe underneath the sink that blocks sewer gas. Put on gloves and use a wrench to remove the pipe section. You can clean it by removing any gunk, then hose it down outside.

  • Pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain. Run hot water, then turn it off. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of hot vinegar down the drain. Let it bubble, then after an hour, rinse the drain with hot water.

  • Clean drain vents. Your drains are connected to a series of vents that allow fresh air to flow. If these vents get covered, it can cause odor. If you know where your drain vents are (usually on the roof), you can remove any debris covering them. When you are unsure, you should call a plumber to sort out the issue.

If you don’t have time to figure the problem out yourself, or you can’t seem to get rid of the lingering odor, call our plumbing experts at High Mark for a professional drain cleaning. We offer 24/7 emergency service and always come with fully stocked trucks to serve all your plumbing needs.


One of the best ways to fix smelly drains is to prevent them. It’s the simplest solution you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Some preventative measures are:

  • Run the garburator for at least 20 seconds every time you use it.
  • Pour a bucket of almost boiling water down the sink once a week.
  • Run the water in sinks not often used to wet the P-trap.
  • Don’t pour grease down the sink (grease needs to be put in a jar and disposed of in the garbage).
  • Use a drain trap to prevent food clogs.

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