Why A Furnace Tune Up Is Important

Furnace Tune Up

Why A Furnace Tune Up Is Important

Do I need to do a furnace tune up, yet it is functioning normally? This is one question that lingers in many homeowners’ minds. Heating and cooling companies recommend that you schedule a furnace tune-up once every year, but most people don’t understand why they should invite a technician to check on a system that is still working without a glitch.

Since most people ignore furnace manufacturers' suggestion, they end up paying dearly when their systems spoil and have to be repaired. If you are among those who don't understand why a furnace tune-up is essential, keep reading. In this blog, we'll highlight a few reasons to help you understand why you ought to care for your furnace.


Ensures that Your Home is Safe

The primary role of the furnace is to heat air and send it through the vents. For it to perform this function efficiently, it needs to burn fuel. When the furnace ages, it starts to develop cracks and leaks that can cause improper combustion of fuel. This can, in turn, lead to the production of carbon monoxide, which can be harmful if it leaks into your home. Scheduling furnace maintenance at least once per year ensures that professional technicians detect any issues that may put your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning earlier.

Clean Air and Proper Airflow

Furnace maintenance includes removing and cleaning filters that are often clogged by hair, dust, and other allergens. When performing a furnace tune-up, your technician will clean or replace the filter and also ensure that the blower is working correctly. Detailed tune-ups may also include thorough duct cleaning and removing obstacles that may limit or restrict the free flow of air. 

Extends the Longevity of Your Furnace

Instead of waiting for your furnace to break down, performing an annual tune-up ensures that the system remains optimal and stays longer. When technicians are doing furnace maintenance, they remove obstacles such as dust and debris, limiting the free flow of air. And as we all know, if your HVAC system is struggling to circulate and heat air, it is easy for it to break down unexpectedly. Scheduling a furnace tune-up allows technicians to perform maintenances that will give your device a longer life and prevent unprecedented breakdowns.

Enhances Energy Efficiency

When dirt and debris collect in the heating unit, they can strain the system and reduce its efficiency by 40%. They can also make it impossible for the furnace to yield the correct temperature output. Therefore, the furnace will need to run a little longer and use more energy to heat the house. Consequently, the increase in energy consumption will translate into bloated energy bills. 

Tuning up your furnace helps to improve energy efficiency, thereby saving you some bucks on utility bills. Studies show that having your furnace maintained regularly can see you save up 30% on the energy bill.

Reduces Emergency Repairs

Like any other machine, a furnace contains several parts subject to wear and tear over time. Additionally, the system’s heat can cause a lot of stress that can degrade various accessories.  Failure to have a professional check your furnace at least once a year can lead to unexpected break downs that may cost a fortune to repair. A Furnace tune-up ensures that the integral components that are not functioning optimally are fixed early enough. You don’t want to find yourself calling a technician late at night during sub-zero weather!

Ensure That You Stay Within the Confines of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

While not all furnaces come with a warranty, those that come with one have various requirements. To not void your warranty, manufacturers require annual maintenance on your furnace.

Final Verdict

Scheduling a furnace tune-up is not a recommendation but rather a necessity. Ensuring that your furnace is appropriately maintained helps fix issues before they happen, thereby allowing you to stay warm and safe during the cold seasons. It also helps improve your device’s efficiency and reduces incidences of unplanned repairs. Additionally, when you schedule maintenance during off-peak times, it will be more affordable.

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