White Rock Gasfitting Service and Repair

bannerLeaking gas can cause bodily harm and extensive damage if it goes unnoticed. If you think you smell gas, call our licensed technicians at High Mark Plumbing in White Rock, and we’ll quickly assess the situation to determine the problem and make the necessary repairs—we’ll get in and get out. Whether you’re smelling a leak or simply having problems with your gas hot water heater, gas heater, or gas stove, our professional gasfittingteam can handle it all.

Are you considering upgrading to gas appliances? Our company is qualified to install new lines, as well as gas fireplaces and gas fittings for BBQ grills and outdoor kitchens.

When it comes to working in and around natural gas, safety is our top priority. We always keep your safety in mind, and we always perform all ofour gasfitting services by the book. Our expert team at High Mark Plumbing in White Rock is certified and experienced, having undergone extensivetraining in gas pipe fitting and replacement, as well as installation and repair. We will ensure that all of your gasfitting and gas plumbing needs are properly met, safely.

White Rock Gasfitting Services Include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Gas Lines
  • Gas Line Installation & Hook Ups
  • Gas Pipe Fitting & Hook Ups
  • Gas Line Repair & Replacement
  • Gas Line Maintenance
  • Gas Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Gas Pipe Maintenance

We are certified to handle both residential and commercial projects, so call High Mark Plumbing in White Rock, today, and let us take care of all of your gasfitting and gas plumbing needs.