Water Main Installation, Repair & Replacement Vancouver

With over 100 years combined experience, High Mark Plumbing has successfully repaired, installed and replaced 100’s of water main systems throughout the Vancouver BC area.  Whether you’re looking for water main installation, repair or replacement in Vancouver, we’ll ensure that we safeguard your landscaping from any additional damage by using today’s water main system best practices.

A water main break can certainly cause havoc on the landscape of a home or business complex and oftentimes plumbing companies can cause even more damage by using outdated water main repair techniques.  However, at High Mark Plumbing we use the latest and best practice trenchless water main technology.  water main repair replacement installation

If your water main is broken and needs repaired, we’ll do everything necessary to stop your water main break as soon as possible.  Our certified plumbing technicians work 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, so regardless of when your water main emergency happens, we’re here to help.

High Mark Plumbing & Sewer Line Services Include:

  • Water Pipe Repair & Replacement of Interior and Exterior
  • Installation of Water Purification Systems
  • Repiping of Whole House or Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Water Leak Location, Repair & Replacement
  • Repair & Replacment of Copper Water Line
  • Repair & Replacment of Galvanized Water Lines
  • Repair & Replacment of CPVC Water Lines
  • Repair & Replacment of Poly Pipe
  • Repair & Replacement of Sewer Ejection Pump
  • Repair & Replacement of Grease & Oil Tank Receptors
  • Repair & Replacement of Commercial Water Main
  • Second Opinions Of Any Water Line Repair, Replacement or Installation
  • Repair of Broken and Leaking Water or Sewer Pipe Systems
  • Trenchless Digging To Ensure Landscaping Is Not Damaged
  • Locate Underground Leaks
  • Water Jetting
  • Underground Water and Sewer Line Repair, Replacement & Installations (Connections)
  • Under Concrete Leak Location, Repair & Replacement
  • Manhole Jetting & Drainage
  • Pinpoint Exact Breakage in Underground lines

Regardless of your water main or sewer line issue, we have the experienced and trained professionals to help.  When you need water main installation, repair or replacement in Vancouver contact High Mark Plumbing to get the job done right.

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