Your Vancouver Heating Service Experts

24 Hour Emergency Heating Service In Vancouver.   

Free Estimates from High Mark

Your Vancouver Heating Service Experts

24 Hour Emergency Heating Service In Vancouver.   

Free Estimates from High Mark

Vancouver Heating Service

Do you need Vancouver Heating Service? Is your furnace, heat pump or boiler not working?  The team of heatingg service experts at Highmark Service Group is here to help.  We have all the materials, equipment and expertise to handle any heating services you require.  From simple repairs to complex installations, we provide heating services and the highest levels of customer service. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our team of is dedicated to ensuring each of our customers received prompt and reliable service, no matter how big or small the repair job may be. We are here to keep our customers satisfied by providing friendly services they can rely on.

We schedule service appointments at your convenience, and 24-hour emergency service is available. Our radio-dispatched trucks can make it to your neighborhood in no time. Contact us for all your heating needs! We are here for you!

How We Can Help You With Your Heating Service

If you have come to this page it is because you need help with a heating issue.  We are here for you and can help you with the following issues and more:

What Is A Heating Emergency?

Is your issue a heating emergency? At High Mark we have seen it all so your heating problem becomes our top priority once you call us.  We are able to tackle any emergency you have.  Here are the most common heating emergencies:

  • Loud Noises:  A loud noise from your furnace could be a gas build up inside.  This could crack your heat exchanger and that is dangerous and expensive to fix.  If you hear a loud noise when you turn on your furnace, it is not something to ignore.  When this happens we can send someone to solve the problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Burning Smell:  If you notice a burning smell coming from your furnace, it is never a good thing.  Any burning odor needs to be considered an emergency upon detection.  One smell that you could detect are a gas smell which could indicate a build up of gas or a gas leak.  Burning rubber is another odor to watch for as it can indicate an electrical problem.
  • Does Not Turn On:  There are a number of factors that could cause your furnace to not turn on.  It is best in this situation to call a professional so that then can check out the cause and fix the issue.
  • No Airflow:  If you do not feel any air coming from your vents after you turn your thermostat on you may have an issue.  These type of situations need to be investigated by a professional.


If you have any questions call the professionals at Highmark Plumbing and we will be happy to answer them for you. For any heating, electrical, or home repair issues visit our sister websites Highmark Heating,  Highmark Electrical or Highmark Construction

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