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If your underground sewer or water pipes are in need of repairs, don’t stress, just give High Mark Plumbing a call and they will take care of all your trenchless pipe repair needs. Water lines and sewer lines are both vulnerable to damage and wear and tear, resulting in burst pipes, cracks, and corrosion, we even help by installing larger pipes to fit your household.

Homeowners often dread dealing with their sewer or water lines when work needs to be done. They think of all the impositions, money and time it can cost to dig up those pipes, replace them with fresh piping or to fix damage or relocate them if needed. Nobody wants their lawn to resemble a construction site and nobody wants to see their landscaping brutalized. But High Mark Plumbing has a much better approach to pipe repair solutions.

Vancouver BC Trenchless Water Main Line Repair Replacement Service



What does trenchless pipe repair entail?

At High Mark Plumbing, we use advanced no-dig technology and repair water lines and sewer pipes fast and efficiently, with as little disruption as possible. By utilizing techniques designed to make sure your yard and landscaping remain we give you peace of mind. Our expert trenchless plumbing repair services won’t ruin your yard.

  • Layout of a trenchless pipe repair
  • The Assets of a Trenchless Pipe Repair:
  • Usually finished in under a day to get you back to living
  • Less intrusive and messy than most re-piping methods
  • Protects your garden, lawn, patio, landscaping and driveway
  • Will cost you less time and money
  • All our repairs conform to industry standards and meant to last

When do you need trenchless pipe repair?

When you are dealing with a messy problem involving your sewer (Trenchless Sewer Main Repair & Installation Service) and water pipes a trenchless pipe repair is a solution particularly in situations like:

  •  Below ground Pipes located under precious landscaping as well as pipes that run under your apartment building or house
  • Burst sewer pipes as a result of tree roots and household debris blockages
  • Constant sewer leaking sewer lines or backups due to improper pipe installations
  • Cracked and broken water pipes caused by shifting earth or house settling
  • Pipes damage by a ground freezing and thawing cycle
  • Pristine pipes that require work when a larger water line is needed to accommodate the needs of your household

What exactly is Pipe Pulling?

The Directional Drilling & Pipe Pulling Service is a technique that replaces your broken water lines or sewer by utilizing a minor hole at the end and beginning of the piping run. The broken sewer line guides the installation of the new pipe, which is, in turn, pulled in using a big pointed installation head. The replacement pipe will be code compliant, root-deflecting, non-leaking, and chemical resistant, which will last a century.

What exactly is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is meant to eliminate the need for the removing of broken pipes. Essentially, we create a brand new pipe within the old one. Our plumber inserts the lining material, which coats the inside of the existing pipe. Then, using an air-filled bladder we hold the lining in place until the coating hardens. The bladder is then pulled out, and a new, strong, and seamless pipe remains inside the old line.

The Most Cost-Effective Pipe Insurance Is Maintenance

At High Mark Plumbing, we offer plumbing maintenance, drain cleaning, and a free inspection to help avoid problematic sewer pipe cracks and plumbing leaks, overflows, clogged drains and backups. Ask us about our Advantage Plan™.

Don’t ruin your lawn! Before doing anything too drastic, call High Mark Plumbing, your go-to plumbing expert in trenchless pipe repair. Having an emergency plumbing problem? Call High Mark Plumbing anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and don’t worry about overtime!

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