Trenchless Water Main in Burnaby Vancouver BC

Trenchless Water Main in North Burnaby Vancouver BCUnderground water and sewer lines deteriorate and break down over time for numerous reasons. The most common reasons are freezing, thawing, and even growing and expanding tree roots over the years. A water main is typically made of a strong cast iron, but the truth is they don’t last forever. A broken or rotted water main can lead to serious water damage in your home or business if you forget to inspect it once in awhile or if you don’t have a plumber visit for regular maintenance. Get started on the right foot today with High Mark Plumbing for trenchless water main in North Burnaby Vancouver BC.

Water main repair, service or replacement projects often involve a great deal of digging and construction, which can tear up yards, properties, and just leave landscapes looking ugly. At High Mark Plumbing, we understand that this can be a huge headache for customers, which is why we offer trenchless water main service as the answer.

Here are some of the benefits behind trenchless water main service and repairs:

  • Preserves properties
  • Repairs are permanent
  • Repairs are affordable
  • Repairs are completed within a day’s time, which also saves the home owner time
  • Repair instruments and tools are all non-intrusive, which means less digging and manual labor

In addition to the typical plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, interior pipe repair and maintenance, High Mark Plumbing also specializes in trenchless water main service and repair. While you can find any plumber who offers these services, you can’t also find them at a fair cost or without outstanding customer service. At High Mark Plumbing, we want to give customers the best possible solutions at the best possible price, and at a service technique that is best for them.

For more information on trenchless water main service and maintenance, call High Mark Plumbing today for trenchless water main in North Burnaby Vancouver BC.