Trenchless Water Main in Metrotown Burnaby BC

Trenchless Water Main in Metrotown Burnaby BCHigh Mark Plumbing is known throughout the Burnaby area for outstanding service and quality trenchless water main in Metrotown Burnaby BC. The team at High Mark Plumbing goes above and beyond their competitors for their customers.

Canada is home to many old-fashioned homes. This is part of the charm of Metrotown Burnaby BC. In those older homes are also old water mains. Most water mains are built from cast iron, and rest underground or under a home. The water main serves as the “mainstream” of water into a home. Therefore, if something goes wrong, it could lead to a flood of problems (and quite literally).

Our professional advice? If you notice water leaking from the water main in your home, then call a plumbing professional at High Mark Plumbing today. Our team at High Mark Plumbing is licensed, insured, and experienced to handle any type of plumbing problem, including problems with a home’s water main.

If you think it’s time to call a plumber for a water main leak, then it probably is. High Mark Plumbing can help you with your basic plumbing repairs, and even perform trenchless water main service and repairs. If you need us, High Mark Plumbing will visit your home, inspect your water main and make sure there are no leaks that can eventually burst in severely cold weather. But no matter how prepared you might be, emergencies can still happen. For 24-hour emergency service, call High Mark Plumbing any time.

To learn more about how High Mark Plumbing performs water main service and repairs, call us today at (604)945-6060 and talk to us trenchless water main in Metrotown Burnaby BC.