Trane Gas Furnaces in Vancouver & Burnaby BC

Trane Gas Furnaces in Vancouver & Burnaby BCWith the winters seemingly getting colder every year, and gas prices continually rising, a reliable and efficient gas furnace is becoming a priority for many households in the Vancouver area. This is why, at High Mark Plumbing we are committed to providing installation and repair services for some of the best gas furnaces available for purchase. In honoring this commitment we have become one of the premier fitters of Trane gas furnaces in Vancouver & Burnaby BC.

All of our gas fitters are fully qualified, and have decades of experience fitting gas furnaces in both residences and commercial properties. Although we have found that Trane gas furnaces tend to be extremely reliable and rarely need repairs, our professional staff are still prepared to repair and maintain them whenever the need arises. We also understand that the sudden breakdown of a furnace can place an unexpected strain on the finances of businesses and households, which is why we offer both installation and repairs at remarkably affordable rates.

Fortunately, Trane gas furnaces tend to be very resilient due to their high quality manufacturing so owners will seldom have to worry about breakdowns. Additionally Trane gas furnaces are incredibly fuel efficient. Both the Trane 90 and the Trane 95 have extremely high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) numbers, which means they consume very little fuel to keep your home or business warm. This can help save a lot of money over the long lifetime of a Trane gas furnace, and will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are interested in learning more about the installation and repair of Trane gas furnaces in Vancouver & Burnaby BC then contact High Mark plumbing today at (604)945-6060. Our professional and courteous staff will be happy to take you call, and organize a convenient date for the installation or repair of your Trane gas furnace.