Surrey Drainage Service and Repair

bannerHave you noticed puddles of water standing in the yard around your home or office after a storm? This standing water can ruin your yard, flood your home, and become a breeding ground for mosquitos, harboring disease. French drains, surface drains, and trench drains are a few options to help drain your yard of excess water. Our highly-trained experts at High Mark Plumbing in Surrey can help evaluate and recommend a drainage system that’s right for you, or we can repair or maintain the one you already have in place. Our professional team has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to take care of all of your drainage needs—quickly and efficiently.

Water in the crawlspaces and the basement of your home can weaken your home’s structure and foundation, as well as encourage the growth of mold that is a potential health risk. As sump pump is a must for homes with basements—they move water up and away from your home, keeping your basement dry. At High Mark Plumbing in Surrey, we have the experience to quickly install, repair, and maintain all makes and models of sump pumps.

Standing water can be a real threat to the structural integrity of your home—don’t ignore it. Let our certified technicians at High Mark Plumbing in Surrey take care of your drainage services and repairs, protecting your home or office and keeping your family safe.