Sunset Vancouver BC Plumbing Service & Repair


Sunset Vancouver BC Boiler Service & Repair

Boiler maintenance and repair isn’t a do-it-yourself project and shouldn’t be entrusted to someone who is not a trained professional. Call Highmark Plumbing to get experienced boiler service & repair in Sunset Vancouver BC.

Sunset Vancouver BC Drain Cleaning Service

In order to ensure that drains are truly going to function as they should for more than just a few weeks or months, we offer drain cleaning service in Sunset Vancouver BC.

Sunset Vancouver BC Drainage Service & Repair

We offer emergency drainage service & repair in Sunset Vancouver BC that can ensure urgent situations are handled quickly and correctly, whenever they may occur.

Sunset Vancouver BC Emergency Plumbing

If you were awakened in the middle of the night by the sudden sound of gushing water, would you know what to do? Would you know who to call for emergency plumbing in Sunset Vancouver BC? If you were acquainted with Highmark Plumbing, you would.

Sunset Vancouver BC Gasfitting Service & Repair

If your gas appliances fail to function, call on High Mark Plumbing for immediate gasfitting service and repair in Sunset Vancouver BC.

Sunset Vancouver BC Heating Service & Repair

Now is an excellent time to speak with a Highmark Plumbing representative about switching your inefficient wood-burning fireplace to a cleaner, more fuel efficient gas log fireplace.

Sunset Vancouver BC Plumbing

Most people don’t really think about calling a plumber—until they need to, of course. But the truth is that plumbers handle a lot more than just the typical leaky faucet or washing machine…

Sunset Vancouver BC Plumbers

Regardless of whether you need to call High Mark Plumbing for a simple clogged toilet or a large re-piping project, we are there for you—and in a moment’s notice.

Sunset Vancouver BC Tankless Hot Water Heater Service & Repair

A qualified and professional plumber at High Mark Plumbing can handle a lot more than just the typical leaky faucet or faulty washing machine. Call High Mark Plumbing for more information on tankless Hot Water Heater Service & Repair in Sunset Vancouver BC.

Sunset Vancouver BC Trenchless Water Main

Finding out you have a massive leak in your home can be damaging and devastating. In fact, most people don’t realize they have a leak…until they really have a leak. The second you realize you have a leak, and that your water main may be cracked or corroded, you should call a licensed and professional plumber.

Sunset Vancouver BC Sewer Line Back-Up or Blockage Service & Repair

Finding out your sewer line has a blockage often results in it backing up into your home or basement. This is a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Sunset Vancouver BC Perimeter Drain Tile Installation Service, Replacement, or Repair

If you have noticed severe water damage done to your home or business’ foundation, then you might need to repair your perimeter drain tiles.

Sunset Vancouver BC Broken Concrete or Clay Sewer Lines Installation, Service, Replacement & Repair

Sewer line backups can begin as a small crack or break, causing a blockage, and then eventually leading to a full burst or backup. Not only can a sewer line backup caused water and property damage, but there are also health risks to consider.

Sunset Vancouver BC Water Main Installation, Repair & Replacement

High Mark Plumbing should be your number one contact for water main repairs and replacement service.

Trenchless Sewer Main Line Repair & Installation Service in Sunset

Instead of having to worry about the disruption to your yard and land, the trenchless method is only done by digging two to three holes. These holes are where all work is completed, and they are filled in nicely with soil once the job is done.