Sunrise Vancouver BC Plumbing Service & Repair


Sunrise Vancouver BC Boiler Service & Repair

If you are searching for more than just a repair company or typical boiler service & repair in Sunrise Vancouver BC, then Highmark Plumbing is your answer. Pick up the phone and find out for yourself how we can bring you peace of mind.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Drain Cleaning Service

For high-quality workmanship, affordable rates and quick completion of drain cleaning service in Sunrise Vancouver BC, trust Highmark Plumbing.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Drainage Service & Repair

If you are searching for the best plumbing technicians in town, then look no further than drainage service & repair in Sunrise Vancouver BC from Highmark Plumbing.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Emergency Plumbing

We are a dedicated, certified and experienced team of professionals that are trained to assist all of our customers in the Sunrise Vancouver area with any plumbing related problem that they could possibly have.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Gasfitting Service & Repair

If your home improvement plans include a gas fireplace, a new gas range, a gas-burning fireplace or a tankless water heater, High Mark Plumbing can help. We do all sorts of gasfitting service and repair in Sunrise.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Heating Service & Repair

If your gas appliances ever fail to function, call on High Mark Plumbing for immediate gas heating service and repair in Sunrise Vancouver BC.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Plumbing

High Mark is equipped with the best team and the best tools. This is because our customers only deserve the best—so they get the best. Every time.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Plumbers

While Sunrise Vancouver BC is a warm and beautiful place for several months out of the year, it can also see some pretty cold, harsh winters.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Tankless Hot Water Heater Service & Repair

The sun rises and sets with High Mark Plumbing. Regardless of whether you have been a resident of Sunrise Vancouver BC or you have moved to the area, your contact for hot water heater—and plumbing and heating service—should be High Mark Plumbing.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Water Heater Service & Repair

The sun rises and sets with High Mark Plumbing…literally. High Mark Plumbing is known throughout Sunrise Vancouver BC for our high quality and high value plumbing and heating service.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Trenchless Water Main

The sun rises and sets with High Mark Plumbing. In Sunrise Vancouver BC, High Mark Plumbing is a staple in our community.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Sewer Line Back-Up or Blockage Service & Repair

The sun rises and sets with High Mark Plumbing, especially in Sunrise Vancouver BC! High Mark Plumbing is a big name in our community, with a high reputation.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Perimeter Drain Tile Installation Service, Replacement, or Repairs

Many building codes require perimeter drains outside of a basement or foundation. Over the years, the foundations of buildings and homes can break away due to persistent water damage and weathering.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Broken Concrete or Clay Sewer Lines Installation, Service, Replacement & Repair

A broken concrete or clay sewer line is nothing to brush off or forget about. In fact, a broken concrete or clay sewer line can result in a backup, which can quickly turn into a huge, expensive project for a home or property owner in the Sunrise Vancouver BC area, especially if it involves repairing and replacing an entire sewer line.

Sunrise Vancouver BC Water Main Installation, Repair & Replacement

If you believe you have a problem with your water main, then call an experienced plumber who is equipped with the necessary tools and technology to perform a cost-effective and non-damaging inspection to diagnose any problems with your water main.

Trenchless Sewer Main Line Repair & Installation Service in Sunrise

Don’t let your sewer line and system issues put you behind in bills or take away from any plans you may have. Instead, consider the trenchless design, which is much more budget-friendly.