Sewer Line Back-Up or Blockage Service & Repair in Maple Ridge


The local community can call on High Mark’s sewer line backup or blockage service and repair in Maple Ridge to professional handle any issues with backed up drains. We understand that our customers don’t always pay attention to what is being dumped down our drains. Grease, oil and fats when not disposed of properly, slowly accumulate along the sides of the drain pipes and eventually cause a clog.

Other foods such as coffee and starches can expand and make the clog worse. This could cost a property owner thousands of dollars in repair, something that should only be trusted to certified professionals who can finish the job right the first time.

You should not just assume that simple a clog is always the cause of a sewer line problem. Roots can impede on the underground drain system and again, and result in thousands of dollars in damage later down the line. High Mark can diagnose and repair all of your main drain system problems, so they do not get to the point where it costs thousands of dollars and full system replacement in order for the issue to be corrected.

Standing water in the yard and flooding in the basement are also symptoms of a large and more severe problem. Moisture near your property could be causing damage to the foundation of your home or commercial business structure resulting in significant issues.

High Mark’s professionals can provide sewer line backup or a blockage service and repair in Maple Ridge for your home or commercial building sewer lines. High Mark is licensed, insured, and bonded, with professionals who are certified and are available 24/7. As problems do not always happen during regular business hours, we offer emergency services as well. For more information, and to schedule an appointment, call (604)945-6060.