Leaky Toilets

A leaky toilet is not something any of us want to experience. And any type of leak can be a huge waste of water, especially if they are left unattended.  Over time this can cause your pipes or fixtures to corrode as well as increase your water bill.

We ensure each of our customers received prompt and reliable service, no matter how big or small the repair job may be. We are here to keep our customers satisfied by providing friendly services they can rely on.

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How To Determine If Your Toilet is Leaking:


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  • Noises coming from your toilet
  • Water on the bathroom floor
  • Uneven floor or tile - this can be a sign of water leaking under the floor
  • Increase in your water bill
  • A smell coming from your bathroom

Causes of Leaking Toilets

A blockage in your drains is not only an inconvenience, but also can impact your life in other ways.

  • Condensation On The Bowl

    Before assuming that your toilet has a leak, check whether or not the water you’re noticing is simply condensation. The amount of water produced by condensation is typically small, and it’s not an issue you need to worry about.

  • Crack On The Tank Or Bowl

    A crack in your bowl or tank are a clear sign that your toilet has a leak.

  • Corroded Pipes

    The pipes that lead to your toilet can begin to rust over time. This can create a crack in the pipe, which can become a leak.

  • Worn Out Base Seal

    Water pooling up around the base of your toilet is a good sign of a leak due to a work or faulty base seal.to the floor.

  • Worn Out Tank Connectors

    The tank and bowl are bound together by a collection of gaskets, nuts and bolts. If any of these parts come loose, a leak can develop at that area in the toilet.

  • Badly Adjusted Flush Valve

    If the leak is in the interior of your toilet (your toilet runs constantly or makes a dripping noise) there could be a problem with its flush valve assembly. Often times this will cause water to enter the overflow valve and continuously fill up in your tank.

  • Flapper Worn Out

    The flapper blocks water in the tank from entering the bowl, and if that part is worn out it will cause water to continuously leak into your bowl.

24/7 Emergency Service

We are happy to offer 24 hour emergency service.  This will ensure that your issue will be resolved in a quick manner.

Why Choose A Certified Plumber from Highmark Plumbing

Keeping your plumbing and heating systems running is what what we do best. Our experts provide maintenance work that is fully bonded and insured.  Our goal is excellence, whether working on a small residential maintenance contract, or a large commercial one. We are here for you!

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