Leaky Faucets

We have all experienced leaky faucets.  Whether it be constantly running or dripping regularly, this is an irritant.  Over time this can cause your pipes or fixtures to corrode as well as increase your water bill.

We ensure each of our customers received prompt and reliable service, no matter how big or small the repair job may be. We are here to keep our customers satisfied by providing friendly services they can rely on.

Appointments scheduled at your convenience. 24-hour emergency service is available. Our trucks can make it to you in no time. Contact us for all your plumbing needs! We are here for you!

How To Determine If Your Faucet is Leaking:


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  • Constant drips, even when tap is off
  • Rust marks in your sink or tub
  • Water puddles around the drains
  • Increase in your water bill
  • Faucet make squeaky noise when turning on or off
  • A smell coming from your taps

Causes of Leaking Faucets

A blockage in your drains is not only an inconvenience, but also can impact your life in other ways.

  • Faulty O Ring

    In each faucet there is an O ring which stops water from going through the faucet when the tap is off. When worn, slips or breaks, the faucet will leak.

  • Corrosion

    Each fixture has a valve between the faucet and spout. Over time water sediments can cause this to corrode and this causes leakage.

  • Worn Washer

    A washer rests between the fixture and the sink. When the washer is worn out over time this will cause a leak near the spout area.

  • Improper Washer Installation

    If your washer is not seated properly, you will experience leakage.

24/7 Emergency Service

We are happy to offer 24 hour emergency service.  This will ensure that your issue will be resolved in a quick manner.

Why Choose A Certified Plumber from Highmark Plumbing

Keeping your plumbing and heating systems running is what what we do best. Our experts provide maintenance work that is fully bonded and insured.  Our goal is excellence, whether working on a small residential maintenance contract, or a large commercial one. We are here for you!

If you have any questions call the professionals at Highmark Plumbing and we will be happy to answer them for you. For any heating or plumbing issues visit our sister websites Highmark Heating or Highmark Electrical

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