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Hydro JettingHydro Jetting - What Is It?

If you have a drain or sewer line clogged one option to solve this is hydro jetting.  Hydro jetting is using a high pressure stream of water to clean the inside surfaces of plumbing pipes.  This eliminates grease, scale and other debris that build up over time.  The process uses a hose, nozzle and a hydro jetting machine to pressurize the water.

The plumber will do an inspection of the pipes to ensure that they are in good condition before recommending this process.  An inspection could done with a CCTV video camera if the pipe is not clearly visible.

Hydro jetting is to be done by a trained plumbing professional.  This is not something a home owner should do.

Why You Should Use Hydro Jetting

It Is Effective

Minor clogs can easily dealt with by using a plumbing snake.  Large, severe clogs require something stronger to remove them.  The powerful jet of pressurized water of hydro jetting, can easily remove grease and debris clogs and clean the inside of the pipes at the same time.

Cost Savings

While jetting is more expensive than traditional drain cleaning, it does save you money long term.  Jetting cleaning the inside of the pipes can add to the lifespan of your pipes as well.  If the pipe being cleaned is your sewer line, the option of jetting is much cheaper than having to have your sewer line repaired or replaced.

Eco Friendly

Because this method only uses water and no chemicals, there is no hazardous waste put into the environment.  This is especially important if your home is located near water sources like creeks and lakes.

Sanitary Issues

Cleanliness is more important now that it has ever been.  Traditional cleaning methods have a possibility of debris or sewage can backup into your home.  Hydro jetting reduces this possibility of contamination to almost zero.

Signs You May Need Hydro Jetting

Water Drains Slowly

A slow draining sink, tub or toilet are a clear sign of a blockage in your pipes.  If it is only one location, traditional methods may work but if it is multiple locations it could point to a blockage.

Smelly Drains

A foul odor that comes from your drains can be a sign that a clog in your pipes.  The smells can be anything from rotten food, and hair.    Most smells will come from an organic material which will indicate bacteria and possibly mold.  This issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

Noisy Pipes

If you are hearing sound coming from your drain pipes it means that there is air in them.  Air should not be in your pipes.  This could mean that you have a clogged or blocked vent stack.  The vent stack extends to your roof and releases gases and keeps water pressure flowing smoothly.

Higher Water Bills

Any increase in your water bills can signify a plumbing problem.  It is advisable to have a plumber look do an inspection as you may have an issue that you are unaware of.

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