Hot Water Systems

Highmark specializes in Hot Water Heater Systems.  Installation, Service, Repair, and design of traditional Hot Water Tank and Tankless Water Heater systems.

Water Tank Replacement

Plumbing ServicesIt's easier to repair a small hot water tank problem than it is a larger one. Regular maintenance can assist our technicians in catching an issue before it gets out of hand. It can also help to prevent ruptures and water damage. If the worst happens, we offer 24-hour emergency services for all of your plumbing needs.Our technicians are licensed and qualified to complete regular maintenance and repairs on your hot water tank.  Draining sediment from your hot water tank is an important part of keeping it functioning properly. Our technicians are trained to perform this task. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a critical component of caring for your storage tank, extending its lifetime and minimizing the risk of faulty performance.

Endless Hot Water Supply

Navien Condensing 98% Tankless Water Heaters provide an unlimited amount of hot water at a steady temperature, whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.

Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Because this product boasts the industry’s highest efficiency, rating (98%) means customers can cash in on low annual operating costs as well as receive the best payback, compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters. Navien’s Condensing 98% Tankless also enjoys the highest gallons-per-minute (GPM) when comparing input BTUs.

Hot Water Heater Leak Emergency

A storage tank water heater is the traditional option for the provision of hot water for homes and businesses. Choosing this style brings several benefits with it, including:

  • Affordable cost for most units
  • Flexibility (several sizes available)
  • Convenience (available for use with gas, electricity, or oil)
  • Inexpensive venting cost
  • User-friendly flow rate

Tankless Repair & Maintenance

Available in gas and electric versions, tankless water heaters are designed to heat water on demand rather than keep heated water stored in a tank. This eliminates wasted energy and space. With this style, also known as a demand water heater, hot water is generated as soon as you turn on the faucet at any location in your home.

Our service technicians can help you to maintain your tankless water heater with an annual checkup that ensures it is in proper working order. Should it need repair, our experienced servicemen have the knowledge and skills to get it back in proper working order right away.

Tankless Installation

Since every family's needs for hot water

is unique, it is important to consider how great your demand is before you install a tankless water heater. Even though you won't run out of hot water, it is possible that temperature variations will occur when you have several sources drawing from your heater at the same time.

For example, if you intend to run the washing machine, dishwasher, and shower all at the same time, the demand might be too high for your style of tankless heater. This problem is easily solved by adding another tankless water heater or choosing a different style of water heater with higher capacity.

  • Install multiple units that can be connected to different appliances, sinks, showers, hot tubs, or toilets.
  • Install Tankless Hot Water systems in homes, condos, strata units & commercial buildings.

No matter what type of water heater you choose for your home or business, a licensed professional from Highmark Plumbing can install it for you.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Conserves water.
  • Never run out of hot water.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Ease of use (electronically controlled).
  • Convenient and compact (little space required).

Your hot water is available immediately without having to keep the tap on for several minutes. You never run out of hot water either, like you do with the traditional style of a water tank. Everyone in the family can take a hot shower, one right after the other.

If you have any questions call the professionals at Highmark Plumbing and we will be happy to answer them for you. For any heating or plumbing issues visit our sister websites Highmark Heating or Highmark Electrical

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