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Gas FireplacesNatural Gas Fireplaces add that special warmth to holidays, a get together, romantic occasions, and of course when it’s freezing cold outside. Everyone loves a fireplace, and Highmark Plumbing is the company to go to for your fireplace.

You don’t have to be building a new house, these fireplaces can go in any type of home in almost any place. Just give us a call, because remember, here at Highmark we are the fireplace Specialists.

Gas Fireplaces Inspection

Inspections of your fireplaces are an important safety measure.  Over time gas or CO leaks can occur.

Our technicians will ensure that your fireplace is not leaking any gas.  You and your family's safety is our priority.  We are here for you.

Gas Fireplaces Installation

We of course install these fireplaces. We do so by the book, by the B.C. Safety code, and with safety in mind. We can install a new gas fireplace in your new home under construction or in your existing home. Just give us a call to have one of our Comfort Specialists come out to your home and see what you need.

Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

Our technicians are happy to help you clean and maintain your fireplace.

When we come to do your service we will:

  • Clean the burner
  • Adjust the pilot flame
  • Tune up the gas pressure
  • Clean the glass of soot
  • Clean the fireplace
  • Check for cracks and defective parts
  • Remove logs and clean and dirt or dust
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide and gas leaks
  • Check the fan and clean it.

If you have any questions call the professionals at Highmark Plumbing and we will be happy to answer them for you. For any heating or plumbing issues visit our sister websites Highmark Heating or Highmark Electrical 

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