Riley Park Vancouver BC Plumbing Service & Repair


Riley Park Vancouver BC Boiler Service & Repair

At Highmark Plumbing, we stress to our clients the importance of an annual inspection and assessment of their boiler system, as a way to help them avoid the large repair problems that can arise.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Drain Cleaning Service

The reason why our service is tops is simply because we have great plumbing technicians who are experienced and know how to get the job done right!

Riley Park Vancouver BC Drainage Service & Repair

For the best drainage service & repair in Riley Park Vancouver BC, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Highmark Plumbing.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Emergency Plumbing

Have a situation that requires emergency plumbing in Riley Park Vancouver BC? If so, High Mark Plumbing can help.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Gasfitting Service & Repair

Are you enthused about cutting and stacking and toting firewood? If not, it’s time to consider a nice new gas fireplace. It’s also time to contact High Mark Plumbing about gasfitting service & repair in Riley Park.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Heating Service & Repair

Smart homeowners know that this is the right time to schedule a pre-winter heating system inspection, before the October rush. Contact High Mark Plumbing as soon as you can, to arrange an in-home furnace check up.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Plumbing

High Mark Plumbing is a licensed, professional, full-service plumbing company with years of experience serving the Riley Park Vancouver BC area and neighborhoods.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Plumbers

So you notice that one of your faucet fixtures is dripping and leaking. Doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, right? Well, that minor, drippy faucet can turn into a waterfall in the dead of winter if you don’t have it looked at sooner rather than later.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Tankless Hot Water Heater Service & Repair

If you notice that your hot water isn’t as hot as it could be, or if you think that your hot water heater could be malfunctioning, then it might be time to consider service or repair on your hot water heater.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Water Heater Service & Repair

The High Mark professional team takes the time to inspect your hot water heater and makes sure that the job is completed thoroughly and correctly…the first time.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Trenchless Water Main

If you notice a leak in your basement or water on the floor near your water main, then this could mean a bigger problem is in your future. You may have a crack in your water main or it could be corroding underground. Either way, it’s time to call in the pros.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Sewer Line Back-Up or Blockage Service & Repair

If you notice that your sewer line has backed up into your basement, then you have a huge mess on your hands—both physically and financially.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Perimeter Drain Tile Installation Service, Replacement, or Repairs

If you are a home or business owner in the Riley Park Vancouver BC area or if you are a contractor looking to build a new development and are looking for a licensed, reputable, and quality plumber, then look no further than High Mark Plumbing. If you are also experiencing plumbing issues or are installing a new plumbing system for your home, then perimeter drain tile installation is a crucial area.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Broken Concrete or Clay Sewer Lines Installation, Service, Replacement & Repair

Concrete and clay sewer or storm lines can become a big problem if you don’t recognize the signs early enough. Concrete and/ or clay sewer lines can crack, break, and even become blocked due to an accumulation of various materials, including debris, tree roots, and even calcium deposits.

Riley Park Vancouver BC Water Main Installation, Repair & Replacement

Find out how we have helped so many customers with their plumbing emergencies, and how we have worked within the scope of their budgets.

Trenchless Sewer Main Line Repair & Installation Service in Riley Park

The trenchless design features only drilling two to three holes to access the damage below. When the work is completed, these holes are then filled in with soil, making for an easier clean up as well.