Plumbing Services Company in Airdrie

Plumbing Services Company in Airdrie

High Mark Plumbing is a plumbing services company in Airdrie. We have on staff people who can take on all aspects of plumbing services – from the very simplest activities, such as fixing that annoying leaky faucet to setting up one of the large boilers that require a heat pump to operate.

Plumbing is a very old trade, dating back to before the Roman Republic. No one loves having to carry water – it is heavy, it sloshes and it can become contaminated when kept in open containers. Of course, plumbing has evolved since the days when fresh, cold water was directed down out of the hills to the cisterns of Rome. It can be pumped up out of the ground, we understand more about protecting its purity, and we are learning – as a culture – about the effects of different kinds of pipe material on the water that is carried.

For example, some kinds of PVC piping is designed to be used as intake pipe, while other types are specifically set up to be drain pipes. It is important for your health, that you or anyone else working on your plumbing should understand the difference!

Our knowledgeable plumbers, pipe fitters, electricians, and heat pump installers are dedicated to continually learning the latest information about modern plumbing systems so that when we go out on a service call, you will receive the kind of service that is appropriate to your home plumbing set-up.

High Mark Plumbing is a plumbing services company in Airdrie – you can reach us at (403)407-5750. Our service is not limited to those convenient daylight hours – we are available for those after hours emergencies, so do not hesitate to call us if you suspect that there is a problem with your plumbing.