Plumbing in West End Vancouver BC

Regardless of whether you need immediate plumbing service in the dead of winter or you think it might be time to upgrade and re-pipe your home or business, High Mark Plumbing can help. High Mark Plumbing is licensed and experienced in both large and small plumbing projects, and we can help with yours, too. Call High Mark Plumbing for plumbing in West End Vancouver BC.

Plumbing in West End Vancouver BC

If you live in or own an older home, then you may be concerned with your home’s current plumbing system—especially if you know you are prone to numerous leaks. You may also be worried about your pipes bursting in severely cold weather. These are all questions to ask a qualified and high-quality plumber—before winter!

How Do You Know if It’s Time to Re-pipe Your Home?

Re-piping your home is no doubt a big job, and one you should consider carefully. One of the biggest considerations is whom you will call for plumbing help. Homes with older plumbing systems sometimes require pipe section replacements whereas others need an entire re-pipe project. If the pipes in your home are rusted, corroded, and/or damaged in any way, then you may need to re-pipe. Either way, High Mark Plumbing will take the time to visit your home and determine whether you would benefit from a re-piping job.

In addition to large, complex plumbing projects, High Mark Plumbing also offers 24-hour emergency service. We understand that plumbing accidents can happen in a moment’s notice—and can do significant damage to your home. High Mark Plumbing be there to help you right away! We will dispatch a service technician to your home immediately—day or night.

For more information on re-piping projects or for emergency help and service, keep High Mark Plumbing’s number handy. Call us today at (604)945-6060 for plumbing in West End Vancouver BC.