Plumbers in Riley Park Vancouver BC

Should You REALLY Ignore that Dripping Fixture?

So you notice that one of your faucet fixtures is dripping and leaking. Doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, right? Well, that minor, drippy faucet can turn into a waterfall in the dead of winter if you don’t have it looked at sooner rather than later. Sure, while you want to find a “quick fix” until you have the time to deal with this, these little, seemingly harmless “quick fixes” can turn into costly issues. So what do you do? Call a professional plumber. Call High Mark Plumbing for plumbers in Riley Park Vancouver BC.

Plumbers in Riley Park Vancouver BC

How Can High Mark Plumbing Help?

Who is High Mark Plumbing and how can we help? High Mark is a licensed, professional, full-service plumbing company that puts the “high” in high quality and high value service. We have years of experience serving the Riley Park Vancouver BC communities, and we are proud to serve you, too.

High Mark Plumbing offers the following plumbing services and maintenance:

  • We repair and service sinks, fixtures, tubs, clogged toilets, and shower heads
  • Hot water heaters – including tank less and solar powered hot water heaters
  • Home water filtration systems
  • New appliance installations and maintenance
  • Home re-piping projects
  • Large kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • 24-hour emergency plumbing and heating service

Find Out Why Hundreds of Customers Can’t Be Wrong…

High Mark Plumbing provides fast, reliable, and dependable service, without sacrificing quality. The High Mark professional team takes the time to get your job done on time, on budget, and done right the first time. We offer our services at competitive, affordable rates.

Find out why hundreds of happy customers can’t be wrong. Contact the team at High Mark Plumbing today. Call us at (604)945-6060 for plumbers in Riley Park Vancouver BC.