Plumbers in Metrotown Burnaby BC

High Mark Plumbing is a well-known, full service plumbing company that serves the area of Metrotown Burnaby BC. But High Mark isn’t just any ordinary plumbing company, we are rated number one among our communities as high value and high quality plumbers. We care about our customers, not their checkbooks. Call High Mark Plumbing for outstanding service and quality plumbers in Metrotown Burnaby BC.

Plumbers in Capital Hill Burnaby BC

Canada is known for its beautiful seasons, but also its harsh winters. While many Canadians enjoy the winter for ice skating, skiing, snow shoeing and even hockey. But if you are a homeowner, winter can also be dreaded…

If you own a home in Metrotown Burnaby BC or in a surrounding Canadian town or neighborhood, and you have a plumbing issue that you’ve been putting off for some time, then call a High Mark plumber today. We will send one of our licensed and qualified plumbers to your home to inspect your plumbing issue and make sure your home is prepared for winter.

High Mark Plumbing can help with basic plumbing repairs and maintenance, large plumbing projects, and even handle appliance installations and upgrades. High Mark recommends having a complete inspection done to your home and plumbing before the winter. This will help discover any leaks, broken fixtures, gas piping and fittings that need to be replaced, and even if it’s time to service your hot water heater.

In addition to providing outstanding and exceptional service, High Mark Plumbing also offers 24-hour emergency service. We will visit your home—day or night—to address your plumbing emergencies. Never be afraid of your pipes bursting ever again with High Mark.

Call High Mark Plumbing today at (604)945-6060 and talk to our plumbers in Metrotown Burnaby BC.