North Burnaby BC Pipe Repair & Repiping Service

North Burnaby BC Pipe Repair & Repiping Service

Whenever you need pipe repair and repiping service in North Burnaby BC, you want to know that your plumbing is in good hands. We are here to help at High Mark Plumbing, so contact us today so that we can set up a time for an onsite assessment and then discuss your plumbing needs.

What Is Repiping?

If you have outdated plumbing that is simply not living up to your standards, you can contact us for a detailed analysis. We will go over your options for repiping to get it fixed once and for all. With a repiping project, sections of your piping are removed at a time and replaced with brand new piping material. This is a major plumbing project but we do our best to be as time-efficient as possible to lessen the time that your house is disrupted.

New Pipe Installation

Building a new home or adding to an existing space will call for new pipe installation. We can come out to your property to assess your needs and put together a detailed cost estimate for the work and materials. If you have an older home, you can also count on High Mark Plumbing for new pipe installation to replace the older, out-of-date pipes.

Repiping Or Pipe Repair?

We want you to know that not all situations will call for a total repipe project. High Mark Plumbing will always provide you with a professional, honest quote for services and we will give you options on how to proceed. In the event that you do need a full repipe performed, we will work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your house is disrupted as little as possible.

One Stop Shop Repipe & Repair With High Mark Plumbing Services

Our professional staff at High Mark Plumbing is proud to offer one-stop shopping when it comes to your repiping and repair needs. Instead of you having to deal with bids, contractors, and timelines, we make sure that it is all done for you when you hire us for the job. We will work with only the best contractors in the area for lead and asbestos testing and/or removal and then make sure that everything is put back together seamlessly when the repiping is complete.

Some Of The Steps Involved In Repiping Include:

  • The layout of the repiping job begins
  • Testing is done to check for lead and asbestos
  • Removal of hazardous materials commences – if found
  • Site protection is set up
  • The repiping job takes place
  • Contractors get everything back to looking just as we left it, if not better

Contact High Mark Plumbing for pipe repair and repiping service in North Burnaby BC area today at (604) 945-6060.