Pipe Repair & Repiping Service In Downtown Vancouver

Pipe Repair & Repiping Service In Downtown Vancouver

Once you realize that you are fixing your pipes in your home more and more often than ever before, you may want to consider talking with us at High Mark Plumbing about pipe repair and repiping service in Downtown Vancouver. We will gladly come to your home to assess your plumbing and provide you with a detailed estimate for the project.

What Is Repiping?

Repiping is a very involved process where all of the existing pipes are removed from the walls in your home and then replaced by all-new piping material of your choice. This project could last for several weeks, but it will give you a fresh start with new plumbing that will last for many years to come.

New Pipe Installation

Brand new piping installation is a project that should be done carefully so that it is done right the first time. We have highly-skilled plumbers at High Mark Plumbing who will make sure that everything is executed correctly for your new plumbing installation.

Repiping Or Pipe Repair?

Sinking money into plumbing repairs over and over again can be very frustrating. If this is happening to you, it may benefit you more, in the long run, to make the initial investment for a repiping job. We will come to your home to do a fair and detailed assessment to tell you which is your best option – repair or repiping.

One Stop Shop Repipe & Repair With High Mark Plumbing Services

When a repiping job is done in a one-stop shopping kind of way, you have nothing to worry about as the homeowner. Our approach means that we take care of all the planning, vetting and hiring contractors, and oversee all of the timelines to the most delicate details of the project. All you have to do is go about your regular activities, and we take care of the rest.

Some Of The Steps Involved In Repiping Include:

  • Our team puts site protection in place to protect your home when the project commences
  • We take samples to test for things like lead or asbestos
  • We take out the old pipes, and all-new piping material is installed
  • We instruct our¬†contractors to put everything back in place, including drywall, electrical elements, and fixtures

Contact us today by calling High Mark Plumbing at (604) 945-6060 if you are looking for a good pipe repair and repiping service in Downtown Vancouver.