Perimeter Drain Tile Installation Service, Replacement & Repairs in Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Perimeter Drain Tile Installation Service, Replacement & Repairs in Airdrie, Calgary, BC

Perimeter drain tile installation service, replacement & repairs in Airdrie not only helps your home stay dry in wet weather, it also helps the health of your home and the general ecology.

Perimeter drain tiles are intended to draw water away from foundations and basement walls by channeling runoff and groundwater into storm drains. This also helps keep storm water out of sewage mains. Keeping stormwater and sewage separated helps to prevent effluent overflow, which can spill over into streams and lakes from which drinking water is drawn. Even though such water is treated before being piped into homes, e-Coli and similar contamination carry an enormous potential for causing disease.

Using trenchless installation technology, we can minimize the digging that might otherwise be involved in replacement and repairs of perimeter drain tiles. A camera on a flexible line can be sent into the pipe, explore the interior and take pictures of conditions. This information allows our plumbers to locate the problem, unblock it, and possibly replace the faulty section of pipe if necessary. All of this can, in many cases, be done without digging up an existing length of pipe. In the rare cases where digging proves to be necessary, it can be minimized. By pinpointing the location of the problem, extensive excavation can be avoided.

High Mark Plumbing has the tools and the team to take care of your perimeter drain tile installation service, replacement, and repair in Airdrie, call (403)407-5750 to learn more. We will be happy to set up an appointment to assess the situation. In many cases, we can take care of the repairs in the same trip. If replacement should be the only answer, we can do that, too.