North Vancouver Gasfitting Service and Repair

bannerNatural gas is a safe and effective way to cook and heat your homes, but it’s important that all gas lines and appliances are in proper working order. Our experts at High Mark Plumbing in North Vancouver, provide gasfitting services to ensure all of your appliances and heating systems are working properly. Your safety is importance to us. Our skilled technicians are qualified to inspect chimneys, flutes, furnaces, and appliances, as well as gas lines, making sure they are properly installed and in working order. If needed, we can repair or replace equipment quickly, with little fuss.

Safety is priority with our gasfitting service—we do EVERYTHING with safety as the number one priority! Our experts are trained and certified in everything from installation and repair to gas pipe replacement and fitting to ensure that each job is completed accurately and professionally.

Our gasfitting team, at High Mark Plumbing in North Vancouver, is certified to work on both residential and commercial projects, ensuring safety at all steps! Call us, today, and let us take care of all of your gasfitting service and repair needs.