North Vancouver Drain Cleaning Service

bannerWhat have you washed down your drains today? Think about all of the things that go into your pipes—soap, grease, dirt, hair, food, and more. It’s no wonder things clog up from time to time. At High Mark Plumbing in North Vancouver, our staff is high-skilled at cleaning commercial and residential drains. We dissolve clogs and remedy slow-moving drains quickly with little fuss—day or night.

Sometimes other problems can cause a backup—intrusive roots, plant matter, and even leftover food items. Our team has the tools to investigate problem areas and offer solutions based on their findings, using equipment such as fiber optic cameras and high-pressure hoses—our skilled team has seen it all, and no problem is too big (or too little).

We know that drains can clog at the most inconvenient times, so we’re happy to offer 24 hour emergency services for all of your plumbing needs. Call our certified experts at High Mark Plumbing in North Vancouver, today, and we’ll show that clog who’s boss!