Metrotown Burnaby BC Pipe Repair & Repiping Service

Metrotown Burnaby BC Pipe Repair & Repiping Service

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence that you get when you know you have a professional plumbing company you can trust. When you know that you need a good company to help with pipe repair and repiping service in Metrotown Burnaby BC, you can count on us at High Mark Plumbing.

What Is Repiping?

The process of repiping is when your hot and cold pipes are removed from the home before getting replaced with brand-new piping. There can be several reasons for a repipe, including older piping that is deteriorating or mineral deposit build-ups that are causing issues. When you are scheduled for repiping, this is a project that could day a few days or up to a week, so you will need to plan accordingly.

New Pipe Installation

Are you building a new home and you need a new pipe installation project completed? You can trust our expert plumbers to do a quality job that is well worth the investment. We are also available for new piping to replace the older pipes in your home.

Repiping Or Pipe Repair?

Not everyone will have to have their home repiped to get everything back up and running smoothly. We can come out to your home to do a full analysis and then put together a plan for either piping repair or a total repiping job.

One Stop Shop Repipe & Repair With High Mark Plumbing Services

Some homeowners may stress over a repiping job, but you never have to when you hire us at High Mark Plumbing. We do everything possible to streamline the process and take care of all the details. When we are on the job for your repipe, we coordinate the contractors, bids, and timelines so all you have to do is sit back and wait for the finished results. We also only use trusted partners to ensure everything is done correctly the first time.

Some Of The Steps Involved In Repiping Include:

  • We layout the repiping project
  • Samples are collected to test for asbestos and lead – followed by any necessary removal
  • Site protection is laid out
  • The repipe commences
  • Finishing work is done to the drywall, electrical, and other areas to get your home back to looking like nothing happened

Contact High Mark Plumbing for pipe repair and repiping service in Metrotown Burnaby BC area today at (604) 945-6060.