Langley Drain Cleaning Service

bannerDrains clog—it happens occasionally. Over time, a buildup of hair, grease, dirt and more finds a home in the pipes under your home. Sometimes unexpected items find their way into your toilet, sink, or garbage disposal, causing things to back up, sending you into a panic. Don’t worry. The drain cleaning professionals at High Mark Plumbing in Langley will come to the rescue—they can clean things up and have your drains functioning normally, in no time.

Langley Residential & Commercial Services Include:

  • Line Locating & Repair
  • Drain Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Repair of Broken Pipes
  • Thawing of Frozen Pipes

We Specialize In:

  • Using fiber optic cameras into your pipes to inspect the condition lines underground.
  • Using high-pressure water to remove build-up.

Purchasing chemicals at the store to unclog your pipes may seem like a good idea, but keep in mind these products are marked poisonous for a reason—they cannot only inflict bodily harm, but they can also damage your pipes, which can become quite the expense to repair. Instead of wasting the time, contact High Mark Plumbing in Langley. Our professional drain-cleaning service is fast and affordable. We’ll send a professional to your home and get things flowing freely, again.