Ladner Drain Cleaning Service

bannerIn a perfect world, the drains in your home would flow freely, forever. Unfortunately, drains clog over time—a buildup of hair, grease, dirt and more is inevitable. Sometimes, unexpected items find their way into the toilet, sink, or garbage disposal, resulting in an immediate back-up. Thankfully, the drain cleaning professionals at High Mark Plumbing in Ladner can come to the rescue and have your drains clean and properly functioning again in no time.

Ladner Residential & Commercial Services Include:

  • Drain Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Repair of Broken Pipes
  • Thawing of Frozen Pipes
  • Line Locating & Repair

We Specialize In:

  • Hydro-Jetting – using high-pressure, high-speed water to remove build-up.
  • Video Inspection – using fiber optic cameras to inspect the condition of the interior of sewer lines and other underground pipes.

While unclogging pipes yourself may seem like a good idea, over-the-counter chemicals can cause damage and can be dangerous to you and your family. Instead of wasting time that might not even benefit you, contact High Mark Plumbing. Our affordable drain-cleaning service and our professional team come highly-recommended—no job is too big or too small. Call us day or night—we’ll send an experts to your home and repair your drains in a flash!