HVAC Installation Company in Southwest Calgary, Calgary, AB

Just like any other business, High Mark Mechanical Plumbing and Heating offers comfort. What makes a difference is that we do it LITERALLY. We are the best HVAC Installation Company in Southwest Calgary, Calgary, AB. To state the obvious, we give you comfort that no one else can.


HVAC is a complete system. A lot of clients have no problem accepting any set up as long as it provides them the service that they want. The problem is, any system that is not suited to the needs of the client will fail eventually. That is what we want to avoid. We customize the system that we build to what the client needs.

You can have several devices installed to match what an HVAC provides. The question is the durability and efficiency of that setup. That is the upside of HVAC. You can compare it to an efficient computer doing all the task compared to a bunch of abacuses that provide the same service. In short, there is a difference in efficiency.


With the use of our “Home Comfort Analysis,” we would have the ability to check what our client needs. Their comfort level, the right equipment that ought to be presented, the correct settings of the thermostat and even the health concern of our clients. We will send an associate to run that examination, and our clients need to answer the questions we will ask to complete this system. We will even give this service for FREE.

This is the reason why we are the best HVAC Installation Company in Southwest Calgary, Calgary, AB, call us at (403) 407-5750 to get an appointment.