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How To Cool Down A Room

How To Cool Down A Room

You come home from work and your home is stifling hot.  Unfortunately, not everyone has air conditioning.  Here are tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioning.

How to cool a room - High Mark Service Group

Keep the windows closed

Although your first impulse is to open a window, your room will be cooler if you shut the windows. Especially if the air outside is hotter than the air inside!  Did you know that 76% of sunlight entering your home through your windows turns into heat?  You should also close your curtains or draw your blinds.  Medium coloured drapes with white plastic backing can help reduce indoor heat.  Blackout curtains will not only cover your windows, they will also completely block the sun.

Shut and insulate your doors

If you spend most of your time in one room, close doors to rooms you use less often, like bathrooms or bedrooms. This concentrates cooler air in one area, which helps the room you’re in cool down faster.  If there are gaps around and beneath your door, add weatherstripping.

Don't use your oven

You may want to change your Sunday night roast routine and opt to barbecue outside instead.  A 400 degree oven will heat up your room in no time!  Burners also emit heat.  You may want to make no cook dishes like sandwiches, salads or a charcuterie and cheese plate which don’t require any heat.

Switch to CFL or LED lights

Did you know that regular incandescent light bulbs waste 90% of the energy they use? Switching to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED bulbs can keep your home cooler.  They will also help lower your electricity bill.

Use fans

Fans are the next best thing to air conditioning.  What’s the best way to use fans?  Create a cross breeze by placing a fan in the coolest part of your home and angling it towards the hottest part. If your home has an upper floor, aiming a fan out the window will help push hot air out and bring cool air in and upstairs.   A DIY trick is to put a large bowl of ice in front of a fan at an angle.  The fan will blow the cold air around the room.  Sitting in front of a fan will also make you feel cooler.

Reduce the humidity

Indoor humidity can make the heat unbearable.  A dehumidifier won’t reduce the temperature, but it will keep your home more comfortable.

Open windows at night

If the temperature drops at night, open the windows before you go to bed. Remember to close your windows in the morning before the air heats up.

Handwash Dishes & Hand Clothes to Dry

Don’t use your dishwasher, washing and machine and clothes dryer during the day. 

Hand drying dishes was a daily after dinner ritual when I was growing up, before dishwashers were readily available.  If you don’t have a yard to air dry your clothes, wash and dry your clothes at night time when it’s cooler.

Turn off computers and monitors

While it may be convenient to keep your computers and other screens turned on all the time, they increase the heat in the room.  By shutting them off at night, you’ll reduce the heat and save on your electric bill.

Turn on your exhaust fans

If your bathroom or kitchen fans which vent outside, this will move heat from inside to outside.

Take a cold shower

If you don’t mind taking a cold shower, this will instantly cool you down. By letting your hair air dry, you will feel cooler for up to two hours.

Use ice packs to cool your furniture

A unique way to keep your sofa or bed cooler is using ice packs, as furniture can hold heat.  If you don’t have an ice pack, you can simply add water to your hot water bottle and put it in the freezer. 

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