Hot Water Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Hot Water Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, BC

Hot water … relaxing, cleansing, and much, much more. High Mark Plumbing can handle your hot water service & repair in Airdrie. Our team knows all the angles, ins and outs of hot water – so to speak. We even have the expertise needed to keep your plumbing system out of colloquial “hot water”, when the term is used in regard to being in or staying out of trouble.

Hot water can be achieved using two methods: heating water that is in a holding tank or heating it using a unit that turns cold water into hot on demand. Holding tanks can be part of a standard household water heater, or they can be part of a boiler system. Hot water uses a heating unit that heats only the water that you need immediately, rather than using energy to keep the water in a tank hot. Both methods have their advantages.

Hot water can also be part of your radiant heating system. By piping hot water or steam through a series of pipes, heat can be delivered throughout a building. Radiant hot water heating has some advantages over forced air heat. The hot water or warmed pipes continue to deliver heat even after the thermostat has shut off active heat.

Last, hot water has many industrial applications. From creating steam to run certain types of machinery to washing down and sterilizing equipment, hot water is an important part of many industrial operations.

Our favorite part – and probably yours, too – is a relaxing hot shower or tub bath at the end of a long, hard day. Just call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to learn more about how we can help you with hot water service and repair in Airdrie.