Hot Water Heater Service and Repair in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing has your hot water heater service and repair in Calgary. From the days when hot water availability might have been limited to finding a volcanic pool to the most sophisticated whirlpool bathtub of today’s modern plumbing, hot water has long been prized as a means of soaking out aching muscles and generally getting things clean. Having hot water available at the turn of a tap is one of the hallmarks of modern civilization.

But, oh, when that hot water system gets out of repair! That is when you need a team of plumbers who are dedicated to their work to step in and get that hot water flowing again. Your repairs might be something as simple as repairing a leaky pipe joint or as complex as replacing your water heater or boiler – including, possibly adding a heat pump system for heating the water.

Hot water services often include cleaning boilers or hot water tanks, calibrating or even replacing thermostats, replacing anode rods in your water holding tank or discussing options for an on-demand water heater. Definitely included is checking safety valves and emergency overflow drains, as well as taking a good look at the system used to heat the water. If you are using gas to heat your water, then a service visit would include a careful inspection of the gas unit to check for leaks and to make sure that the lighting mechanism is working correctly. Water heaters might seem simple, but they often have a lot of complicated parts. The history of hot water heaters has taught plumbers that these devices should be treated with respect and kept in good repair. We can help with that.

Everyone loves hot water – especially at the end of a long day of work. We’d like to help your hot water heater doing its job, the right way. If you are in need of hot water heater service and repair in Calgary, contact our team today at (403)407-5750. We can help with residential and commercial hot water service and repair needs, and offer 24/7 emergency services.

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