Capitol Hill Burnaby BC Heating Service & Repair

Heating Service & Repair in Capital Hill Burnaby BCThe plumbers and fitters at High Mark Plumbing are trained to handle gas lines in the safest fashion possible. We have the experience, skills and tools to take care every type of residential, public and commercial gas fitting and repair. All you have to do is call our number and tell us what you need. We’ll send a mobile repair truck right away. If your situation is dire, we can dispatch an emergency repair truck without delay. If your circumstances can wait until the following day, we’ll schedule an appointment and send a repair truck to your location on time. High Mark Plumbing is the premiere provider of heating service & repair in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC.

There are many causes of household gas leaks; most are the result of faulty gas valves and gas pipe unions. Older structures where there are vintage lube valves or gas plug valves are prone to gas leaks that can be very dangerous. Union leaks occur where a gas pipe connects to an appliance such as a hot water heater or kitchen range. High Mark plumbers have the training and the tools to detect and repair even the smallest of gas leaks.

Please don’t try to fix a gas leak on your own. The risks are just not worth it. If you smell a gas leak, get all the people and pets out of the house, then call us. High Mark will install, service, repair or replace your gas lines, valves and fittings. Call High Mark Plumbing at (604)945-6060 for professional heating service & repair in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC. We answer our phone seven days and nights a week.