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Residential Heating Boiler

If you are one who thinks about the bigger picture, plans for the future and someone who thoroughly thinks everything over before purchasing something, then you know that High Mark Mechanical Plumbing & Heating is the only qualified Heating Installation Company in Chestermere, Calgary, AB.

Your thermostat is one of the most critical parts of your home. Some even call it the lifeline of a house. That is the reason why you only deal with the best when buying or refurbishing your heating system. Your thermostat will determine how comfortable you’ll be on the cold season; a lousy installation job will give you a set up that is inefficient and costly to maintain. That is something that would never happen with High Mark; we make sure that the setup of all the items we deliver is effective, efficient and cost-effective.

We will send out a specialist to perform a free home comfort analysis and load calculation to determine the needs of your household. The result of the test will determine which equipment we would need to install to meet your needs. We carry an extensive line of furnaces, heaters, air conditioners and much more material that can be used for your requirement.

Once your system is up, we will provide you with technical support for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. You never have to worry about finding a technician if something goes wrong. We will also handle the maintenance of your thermostat.

Those are just a few of the benefits of going with High Mark Mechanical Plumbing & Heating, the premier Heating Installation Company in Chestermere, Calgary, AB. Call us now at (403) 407-5750 for a free consultation.