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If you are building a new home or office and in need of a Heating Installation Company in Calgary, then you’re in luck. The best installer in all of Calgary is available to assist new property owners in making their facility comfortable. We are High Mark Mechanical Plumbing & Heating; a company who specialize in heating, gas fitting, plumbing, drainage and drain cleaning services in the industrial, residential and commercial area in the greater Calgary area.

A good thermostat is a difference between a comfortable home against an unlivable one. You can have a mansion and not be able to live on it because of a defective heating system. It may cause some unpleasant health issues, and some can even say that it could be the difference between life and death.

This time is where the experts come in. We are the provider of the best service, equipment and the most efficient heating system in the area. We provide professional installation and repair service to new customers. This applies to those who are building a new structure or for those who want to replace their existing unit into an efficient and effective setup.

We will send an expert to you for a free home comfort analysis and perform a load calculation of the system that we will install. Those two processes will give us an idea of your need which we then can address with the right equipment and setup. We will create a design that is efficient and cost-effective.

We can use any of our lines of heat pumps, furnaces and air-conditioning unit to make the best set up based on your need. One of the goals of an efficient system is for it to pay for itself instead of being a constant drain for the owners. Call us now (403) 407-5750 to get more details why we are the best Heating Installation Company in Calgary.