Heat Pump Repair Service in Calgary

If you need to have your heat pump checked, repaired or maintained, then you better call High Mark Mechanical Plumbing & Heating. We are the certified Heat Pump Repair Service in Calgary. That means that we are authorized by the manufacturer to take whatever steps necessary to make your equipment ran at an optimum level, and we will take advantage of that trust and authority to give our clients the best service possible, the best service that they deserve.

Heat pumps are an innovation that is slowly being used by a lot of people. This technology works as a heater in the colder months and as an air conditioner in summer. The design of the equipment allows it to use ambient heat instead of your regular energy source which means that the proper fuel it uses to function is quite low. Simply put, this is equipment that will work year-round using a much lower energy consumption. This means that it is a system that is efficient and yet cost-effective.

Majority of heat pumps are installed by new homeowners who have elected to use this system instead of the traditional heater-air conditioner combination. The most system in the market is what we call hybrids. Hybrids work like a regular heat pump, but it is also attached to a furnace that serves as a backup if there is no sufficient warm air to run the system. This means that a conventional heater can be upgraded to this system without too much hassle.

The problem with introducing new technology is the availability of after sales service like maintenance and repair. That is what we cover. We are the best Heat Pump Repair Service in Calgary. Please reach out to us at (403) 407-5750 to discuss how we can upgrade your system.