Heat Pump Repair Service in Airdrie, Calgary AB

As the leading Heat Pump Repair Service in Airdrie, Calgary AB, we receive a lot of questions regarding the latest rage in home comfort technology, Heat Pumps. We decided to list and answer them, so you can study if this type of setup works for you. Here they are.

How does a heat pump work? Heat Pumps uses the real warmth in an area to control temperature. In the warm months, it redirects the hot air inside a building to go outside making it cooler. In the cold months, it transfers the warmth available out towards it, heats the temperature up and then redirects the heat towards the inside of the building. In short, it is a combination of the furnace and air conditioner.

Does it use the real warmth in the area, what if there is no heat available? Heat is available everywhere, even in the coldest area. However; if the heat available is not enough, the heat pump that we design which is called a hybrid will produce heat using a regular coal-fired furnace and then distribute it inside. So yes, you can still use your heater in this setup.

How would you rate it compared to the older technology that offers the same service?  The energy used by heat pumps are much lower than that of an air conditioner or furnace. That fact makes it energy efficient which directly translate to savings from your utility. You will also use a single set up instead of having to toggle your equipment which means that the device is more efficient than others.

Those are some of the advantage of using heat pumps. If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of using that system then call us, we are we the best in Heat Pump Repair Service in Airdrie, Calgary AB. Contact us at (403) 407-5750 for a free home comfort analysis.