Gasfitting Service & Repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC

Now that summer is half over, it’s an excellent time to hire Highmark Plumbing to switch your inefficient wood-burning fireplace for a cleaner, cheaper gas log fireplace. We offer a full range of gasfitting service & repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC.

Gasfitting Service & Repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC

Our plumbers and gas fitters are completely trained to manage every aspect of home heating systems in the safest manner possible. We have the skills, tools, parts and experience to take care every kind of residential and commercial gas fitting, plumbing and repair. Just call us, and we’ll dispatch a mobile gas repair truck right away. If your situation is an emergency, we can send a repair truck immediately. If your situation can wait until the following day, we’ll schedule an appointment and send a gas fitter to your location on time.

Whatever you do, don’t try to fix a gas leak on your own. The risk is not worth it. If you smell a gas leak, get out of the house and call us. We install, service, repair or replace gas lines, valves and fittings. We inspect water heaters, furnaces, stoves and gas fireplaces. We keep gas lines and fittings in good working conditions.

Gas is good stuff, but it must be managed with extreme caution. In Vancouver, natural gas is widely used for cooking and heating. Gas fireplaces provide cozy ambiance. Gas is an efficient energy source, no doubt, but it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. That’s why it is imperative that homeowners call on a professional gas fitting service to manage any and all gas line situations.

When you require pro gasfitting service & repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC, dial (604)945-6060 without delay. We are Highmark Plumbing and we look forward to serving you.