Gasfitting Service & Repair in Riley Park Vancouver BC

Few things are as cozy and beautiful as a roaring fireplace on a chilly Vancouver evening. A crackling fire adds a delightful ambiance to any room. If you have a wood fireplace in your home, you probably enjoy it very much. Are you as enthused about cutting and stacking and toting firewood? If not, it’s time to consider a nice new gas fireplace. It’s also time to contact High Mark Plumbing about gasfitting service & repair in Riley Park.

Gasfitting Service & Repair in Riley Park Vancouver BC

Gas fireplaces offer a range of benefits you just don’t get from a wood-burning fireplace. Of course, there’s the fact that you’ll never have to haul firewood or pay to have cords delivered. Never again will you have to dispose of ashes or sweep a messy hearth.

Do you know that a gas fireplace can provide more heat than a typical wood-burning unit? It’s true. Gas logs are more adjustable than wood logs, too. Another great thing about gas fireplaces is the way you can turn them on and off at will. Gas fireplaces fire up instantly and turn off just as quickly.

If you have an existing fireplace with a sound chimney, we may be fit the fireplace energy efficient gas logs. If you have no fireplace at all, we can still install a gas-burning fireplace in your home.

We would be delighted to explain your gas fireplace options. While you’re thinking about it, go ahead and give us a call at (604)945-6060. Let’s arrange a good time for a High Mark fireplace specialist to visit your location. We are pleased to provide professional gasfitting service & repair in Riley Park.