Gasfitting Service & Repair in Point Grey Vancouver BC

What would you do if you flipped your furnace switch, and nothing happened? Would you know what to do? If you’ve set the thermostat too low, raise it a couple of degrees and listen for the furnace to turn on. If that doesn’t do the trick, it may be time to call High Mark Plumbing for professional gasfitting service & repair in Point Grey.

Gasfitting Service & Repair in Point Grey Vancouver BC

Your household heating system is more complex than it appears. In addition to the duct work that carries warm air throughout your home, there is a complicated gas furnace comprised of many crucial parts. If any one of those parts fails, you could be forced to deal with some mighty cold nights and chilly mornings.

If you are reading this in summertime, heating your house may be the farthest thing from your mind. It’s still a good time to schedule a gas fitting inspection. Call High Mark at your earliest convenience, and we’ll arrange a date and time to visit your location for a pre-season gas and plumbing check up. Doing so could save you from costly repairs in the coming winter.

If you’re reading this in wintertime, and your furnace is failing, call us without delay. A broken gas furnace during a cold spell is an emergency, especially if you have no other source of heat. High Mark Plumbing can boast a century of combined experience, and it shows in every job we do. We are ready to answer your call for emergency services, if you need us.

We hope nothing goes wrong with your gas furnace and home heating system. If and when it does, you are welcomed to call us at (604)678-165 any time, day or night. High Mark Plumbing is proud to provide professional gasfitting service & repair in Point Grey Vancouver BC.