Capitol Hill Burnaby BC Gasfitting Service & Repair

High MaGasfitting Service & Repair in Capital Hill Burnaby BCrk Plumbing has the experience, tools and skilled repair crew to manage every kind of gasfitting service & repair in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC. We’d be happy to thoroughly inspect your gas lines and valves. All you have to do is call and arrange an appointment.

If you are visiting our website in summertime, winter heating may be the thing farthest from your mind. It’s actually the perfect time to schedule a gas fitting inspection. Call High Mark Plumbing, and we’ll schedule a date and time to visit your home for a pre-season gas fitting and plumbing check up. Do it now and avoid the winter rush.

High Mark Plumbing boasts a century of combined experience, and it is evident in every plumbing and gas fitting job that we do. We are ready to answer your call for emergency water line and gas line services, if you need us.

If you’re reading this in winter, and your furnace is failing, call us without hesitation. A broken gas furnace during a cold spell snap is a real emergency, especially if your family has no other source of heat. Speaking of heat, did you know that a gas fireplace can generate more usable heat than a typical wood-burning fireplace? It’s all true. Gas logs are easier to control than sawed wood logs, too. Another great thing about gas fireplaces is the way they fire up instantly and turn off just as quickly. Gas fireplaces make no ash and they’re easy to maintain.

We would be delighted to tell you all about your gas fireplace options. Give us a call at (604)945-6060. Let a High Mark fireplace specialist visit your location. We are pleased to provide professional gasfitting service & repair in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC.