Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Enjoy a warm and comfortable home while reducing your energy bills. Our professional and licensed boiler and furnace techs and technicians are ready to help you get your heating system working in top condition. Alternatively, if it makes sense to replace your boiler or furnace, we can help you select a new an energy efficient furnace or boiler system.

We can inspect your furnace and provide a tune up of your heating system. The maintenance service includes cleaning your furnace to help your furnace operate at peak performance, which saves you money on your energy bills as well as check the heat exchanger for dangerous Carbon Monoxide Leaks.

Installation of New Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Boilers

If you are considering a new furnace, we ensure that you get the highest quality system for your home. We guarantee the furnace will be the correct size and design for your home in order to maximize the return on your investment. We feature systems from top manufacturers like American Standard and Lennox.


Heat Pumps

What Is A Dual Fuel or Hybrid Heating System?

A dual fuel heat or hybrid heating system is an air-source heat pump designed to be installed and to work with a forced air furnace heating system. The forced air furnace can be new or existing, and can be fueled with natural gas or propane. The heat pump works in conjunction with your present furnace, regardless of fuel type.

How Does It Work?

A heat pump works with your forced air furnace. In the summer, a heat pump works like a central air conditioner, transferring heat from your house to the outside air. In the winter, it transfers heat indoors from the outside air. The forced air furnace provides booster heat during extremely cold winter weather. The heat pump works automatically with the forced air furnace to provide continuous temperature control.

How Can a Heat Pump Obtain Heat From Cold Winter Air?

As strange as it may seem, heat is present in all air, even air that’s well below freezing. Think of the way your refrigerator removes unwanted heat that accumulates when you open the door and place warm food inside. You can feel that heat coming back into your kitchen from the refrigerator’s exhaust fan.
In a similar way, heat pumps remove heat from cold outdoor air and deliver it to your home to keep you warm and comfortable.

The Heat Pump Advantage

A hybrid heating system combines the best features of two types of equipment. During milder winter weather, the heat pump simply transfers heat from the outside air, rather than creating it. Unlike a furnace that must turn fossil fuel into heat, the heat pump simply collects heat that already exists in the outdoor air and pumps it into your home. During much of the winter, the heat pump operates efficiently and costs less to heat your house that the fossil fuel furnace. During severe winter weather, when the heat pump’s capacity drop’s because of low outdoor temperature, the forced air furnace takes over automatically to provide constant heating comfort.

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