Emergency Plumbing in Point Grey Vancouver BC

Plumbing emergencies are typically incredibly stressful and unpleasant experiences for both home and business owners. Plumbing emergencies are usually characterized by a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up; either inside of the building, or beneath it.  These types of emergencies require immediate attention, and must be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to avoid additional damage and/or costs. Luckily, High Mark Plumbing is available to assist with any emergency plumbing in Point Grey Vancouver BC.

Emergency Plumbing in Point Grey Vancouver BC

The staff here at High Mark are all trained, certified and experienced in working on all of the different brands and models of equipment, parts and units. Our team has the experience and the know how to fix and/or install any plumbing, heating or electrical devices that a customer could possibly need. This is so that we can confidently offer warranties on all of our products and services that we provide to the Point Grey Vancouver community.

The following list is just to provide customers with an idea of the many services that we offer-

  • We do installation work on all brands and models
  • We sell top quality units and equipment
  • We offer a warranty on our services
  • We provide warranties on the products we sell
  • We provide general plumbing, heating and electrical maintenance
  • We provide assistance with home improvement projects
  • We provide assistance with remodels and additions

High Mark is available to help you with your emergency plumbing in Point Grey Vancouver BC at any time; day or night; 7 days a week. For emergencies, you can contact us 24/7 at (604)945-6060. If you have a non-emergency electric problem, please call (604)945-8060. If you have a non-emergency heating problem, please call (604) 678-1650.