Emergency Plumbing in North Burnaby BC

Float balls, flappers and fill valves. They’re all parts of a typical toilet, along with chains, float arms, flush valves, handle arms and float adjustment apparatus. As with any sort of moving parts, toilet components are susceptible to wear and breakage. If one or more parts suddenly fails, you could be in for a plumbing emergency. Good thing Highmark offers all-day and all-night emergency plumbing in North Burnaby.

Emergency Plumbing in North Burnaby BC

If you’re the type of handyperson who likes to understand how household fixtures work, open the tank of your toilet and carefully set the heavy lid aside. Peer into the tank to identify the above mentioned parts. Make note of any corrosion, because that stuff can wreak havoc on the moving parts that comprise the working innards of your loo.

If your toilet won’t flush, try pushing the clog down and through with a flanged plunger. If that fails to release the clog and return your bathroom operation to normal, give us a call. Describe the problem and we’ll tell you if there are any other measures you can take. If a plunger won’t do the trick, there’s a good chance you will need professional plumbing rescue.

If you live in an older house, you can pretty much expect your plumbing to fail at one time or another. Hard water causes mineral deposits that lead to pipe damage and pipe joint failure. If your drains won’t drain and your toilets won’t flush, call on Highmark Plumbing without hesitation. We’ll send a skilled pro with a fully-stocked plumbing repair truck or van to save the day or night.

We’ve been helping our BC neighbors with first-class general plumbing for many years. Highmark Plumbing is the local company to call any time for emergency plumbing service in North Burnaby BC. Please dial (604)945-6060 for assistance.