Emergency Plumbing in Montecito Burnaby BC

Malfunctioning toilets are some of the commonest plumbing emergencies. They happen somewhere every day and night. If you were to flush your toilet and water started coming up instead of flowing down, would you know what to do? You can always call on Highmark for emergency plumbing in Montecito.

Emergency Plumbing in Montecito Burnaby BC

Every homeowner should have two things: a basic knowledge of household plumbing, and our telephone number. Homeowners should also have a sink plunger and a toilet plunger, an no, they are not the same thing.

There are some plumbing problems that may be managed by almost anyone. If your toilet is misbehaving, here is one thing to do before calling Highmark Plumbing for professional rescue:

Know where the shut-off valve is and know how to use it. Look behind the loo and you will see a valve. Usually, toilet valves are attached to the wall and have an oblong or round knob that twists to open and close the valve. If your toilet threatens to overflow, turn the knob in a clockwise direction. This will stop the water flow. Behind-the-toilet valves are infrequently used, so you may want to loosen and retighten it a few times now, so it’s easy to shut off if and when a toilet emergency arises.

Several things can cause a toilet to back up or refuse to flush. Excess paper is a common cause and is a fairly easy DIY fix. A foreign object flushed into the recesses of your plumbing system is another story altogether. If your toilet overflows, turn off the valve and call (604)945-6060 without hesitation. High Mark is here to provide emergency plumbing help in Montecito Burnaby BC any time, day or night.