Emergency Plumbing in Metrotown Burnaby BC

You may be able to handle an uncomplicated plumbing emergency on your own. Plunge a clogged sink, and you might avoid a call to an emergency plumbing company in Metrotown. If a child’s toy gets flushed down the toilet, or if several drains stop up at once, you’d better call for professional plumbing rescue without delay.

Emergency Plumbing in Metrotown Burnaby BC

There’s a lot more to your household plumbing system than meets the eye. For every visible tap and faucet, there are many feet of pipe within the walls, under the house, and in the yard. Every joint that connects pipe is a possible weak link in the system. That’s why it’s a brilliant idea to keep our number handy. High Mark Plumbing is Metrotown’s go-to plumbing outfit for every type of plumbing problem, and we always answer our phone.

Small plumbing problems, such as incessant leaks, can become major trouble if ignored. Water heater issues can be dangerous and deadly. If something goes seriously wrong with the plumbing, water heater, or gas lines in your house, you’ll be relieved to know that High Mark offers immediate service for a range of water and gas emergencies. All you have to do is call, and we’ll send a licensed plumbing professional to your location as soon as possible.

Every homeowner should expect a plumbing emergency now and then. That’s just the nature of plumbing systems, especially in older houses. Every homeowner should also own toilet and sink plungers and know how to use them. A simple clog may not be an emergency. A busted water main certainly is.

Right now, while you’re still thinking about it, save our number (604)945-6060 into your phone. Make a note and tack it to your bulletin board. Call on High Mark Plumbing any time you need emergency plumbing in Metrotown Burnaby BC.