Capitol Hill Burnaby BC Emergency Plumbing

Some plumbing problems are relatively easy to fix. Leaky faucets and simple toilet clogs can generally be remedied in a matter of minutes. Other plumbing problems, such as overflowing drains and clogged sewer lines, must be addressed without delay. If you are experiencing a water crisis right now, call on High Mark Plumbing for expedited emergency plumbing service in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC.

Emergency Plumbing in Capital Hill Burnaby BC

How do you know if your sewer line is clogged? The symptoms can be obvious. If two or more drains or fixtures in your home stop up at the same time, it could be due to a clog deep within the sewer line. If you flush a toilet and water backs up into the bathtub, you probably have a sewer clog. If you run water into a sink and it raises the water level in the toilet bowl, you most definitely have a sewer line clog that can only be fixed by an experienced and licensed plumber. Good thing you found us.

High Mark Plumbers are an experienced bunch, with more than a century of professional plumbing between them. Yes, we’ve been in the plumbing biz a while now, but we stay current with the very latest in plumbing diagnostics and repair technologies. If your sewer line is clogged or leaking, we can employ special cameras and other devices to locate the precise location of the problem.

If you suspect that you have a sewer line clog, try not to panic. Yes, it’s a plumbing emergency and yes, High Mark can send a plumber to repair it right away. High Mark Plumbing offers day and night emergency plumbing in Capitol Hill Burnaby BC. Dial (604)945-6060 any time you need plumbing rescue.